What to Expect After Shoulder Surgery

If you are planning to go in for a shoulder surgery you need to have a good idea about what to expect after the surgery. One only realizes how important the shoulder is when this part of the body is not working properly. You are bound to have a certain amount of difficulty during the recovery period but if you know what to expect you will be able to deal with things better.

At the very outset, you ought to be prepared for a certain amount of pain or discomfort at the very least. Needless to say, your doctor will ensure that you get the right medication to deal with the problem. Your shoulder will also need to be protected against harm until it has recovered fully. Doctors tend to offer two options to reduce the movement of the shoulder; a splint or immobilizer. Your movements will be restricted for a while because of this but it is necessary for your eventual recovery.

You will also have to do exercises after your shoulder surgery in order to bring back movement to your shoulder and arm. Your physiotherapist will make you do exercises to regain full motion and also to bring back strength to your shoulder. Be aware that the process will take a lot of time to be completed, 15-18 weeks on average, in order to ensure that the tissues that have been damaged after the shoulder surgery are repaired fully. You might be tempted to speed up the physiotherapy but this is a very bad idea. You should also wait until you regain mobility before you start working on your strength.

You should be very careful with how you use your shoulder and arm for a few months after the shoulder surgery. Do not put a lot of pressure on this body part for a while because you might damage it inadvertently. You will be able to lead a fairly normal life and will also be able to go back to work without too many problems as long as you follow your surgeon's and your physiotherapist's instructions on how to use your shoulder and arm.

It is a very good idea to get help from your family and friends during the days immediately after the operation. Make sure that you select a really good surgeon and physiotherapist in order to ensure that your shoulder is in good condition after the medical treatment.