Stronger Immune System Tips

You need a strong immune system to stay fit and healthy. Healthy individuals are blessed with strong immune system in the body. If your body's resistance power is weak, you will tend to fall ill quite frequently. You can improve your immunity by adapting a healthy life style that comprises of a balanced diet and regular exercise. Listed below are some of the tips for improving your immunity levels.

Well balanced diet
Your diet should comprise of whole grains, fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy products. They are packed with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals that help build a strong immune system. Raw foods, which are natural and healthy, provide the necessary anti-oxidants for improved immunity. Green leafy vegetables help to increase the alkaline pH in the body and provide essential minerals like magnesium and calcium to your body.

You need to shed extra pounds to activate your immune system. To remain fit and healthy, you need to follow any exercise regime that suits your health and life style. If you can avail the services of a personal trainer, weight loss will be much faster as personal trainer devises a plan for your diet and exercise regime.

Avoid stress
Stress leads to accumulation of toxins in the body, reduces your mental capability and affects digestion as well. To relieve stress, practice simple breathing exercises or pranayama. These exercises will help you to eliminate stress and keep you active. Consider develop a hobby so that you can channelize your energies in a positive way.

Keep hydrating yourself
Drinking water regularly throughout the day helps in keeping your digestive system clean and water flushes toxins from your body. Water boosts immunity levels and gives energy.

Quit smoking
Smoking affects your immunity. You body needs antibodies to keep viruses at bay. But smoking shows its effect on these antibodies. You should quit smoking to improve immunity levels in your body.

Say no to alcohol
Alcohol, if taken regularly, affects the immune system. It shows negative impact on the body.

Good night sleep
Several studies suggest that people who get adequate sleep possess strong immune systems. Seven to nine hours is the optimum sleep duration.

Stay away from infection
If you follow basic hygiene practices like washing your hands frequently, you can avoid exposure to several bacteria and viruses.

Positive attitude
Positive thinking affects the body cells and thereby influences the immune system. People with positive thinking tend to live longer and stay healthy.

You can follow any meditation technique and train your mind to stay calm and remain focused. A calm mind can think better and affects your health in a positive way.

Fasting helps your body to detoxify, reduce fat cells, and improve the efficiency of white blood cells.

Exposure to sunshine
Sunshine gives the necessary vitamin D to your body. This vitamin fights against cancer. But too much or too little exposure to sunshine makes the immune system weak.

Studies have shown that laughter has a positive effect on anti-bodies and influences the immune system.