Solutions to Fine Hair - Understand Your Condition

Fine hair refers to hair strands which are thin, with diameter smaller than normal strands. Hence, one can have lots of fine hair, or little of it - which is what makes people worry.

There are many reasons for having fine hair, and it is good to know why, so that you can solve the root of the problem.

For some, it may be hereditary, and are genetically born with fine hair. Others may be due to imbalanced diet, stress, hormonal changes, medication or age.

Therefore, the most straightforward ways to reverse the condition is to eat well and be happy! As the saying goes, "you are what you eat". Keep a healthy and balanced diet high in protein, vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, beans, fruits and vegetables.

Staying happy and optimistic are important too. Constant stressful lifestyles not only gives you white hair, it thins out your hair as well. Learn to relax and keep your mood up and your hair will be fuller too.

Fine, thin hair tends to be flat, limp and sticks close to your face. Rejuvenate your tresses by using volumizing shampoo and treatment. Stay away from conditioners if possible as they makes your hair locks in moisture and weigh down your hair even more. If you have fine and dry hair, make do with a little condition at the ends of your stands only.

Go easy on your hair with rebonding, hair-dyes and any other chemical treatments as they may be too harsh on your fragile hair. If you have to, get a good hairdresser who understands your hair condition, or remind your hairdresser to reduce the amount of chemicals used.

That said, it is not easy to transform fine, thin hair to thick, lustre hair totally. Especially if it is due to genetics, medication, hormones or age. We can't go against them, but we can learn to manage them!

There are hair volumizing products out there that can give you volumed hair. Hairsprays, highlights, curls are just some of the many ways to make you look like you have a thick mane as well.

Go for hairstyles that are more suitable: less layered, short- to medium-lengthed and bobbed-shaped. Of course, this also depends on individual's face shape and features.

Fine hair can lead to other conditions like damaged/frizziness and hair loss. These can be prevented if you exercise proper haircare routines. However, if problems persist, it is advisable that you visit a hair specialist to find out more.