Preparing For Shoulder Surgery - Useful Tips to Help You

If you are scheduled to go in for shoulder surgery then you ought to do sufficient preparation in advance of it. This will ensure that you experience as little inconvenience as possible and it will also make sure that you recover from the surgery as quickly as possible.

It is of the utmost importance that you go in for the surgery on an absolutely empty stomach. This means that you should stop consuming all foods and beverages a good 10 hours before the scheduled time of the surgery. Make sure that you ask your doctor about the exact time of the surgery so that there is no misunderstanding regarding this. Make sure that you do not break this rule, even to consume a small candy bar or a few mints. It goes without saying that cigarettes and alcohol should be avoided at all circumstances for the half day or so leading up to the surgery. You'll also need to ensure that your bowels are empty before the surgery.

Your shoulder surgery will definitely involve an incision, the size of which can vary according to the type of operation you have to undergo. Since you will have to take anaesthetic for the procedure during which you will lose some blood, you need to ensure that your system does not contain any medication that can affect the procedure. For instance, aspirin is a commonly taken medicine that has the ability to thin out blood. Keep in mind that it takes a few days for the medication to be completely flushed from your system.

Be sure to tell your doctor about any medications that you are currently taking for any underlying health conditions that you might have. If you suffer from a heart or kidney condition or a disease such as diabetes for which you have to take regular medication then you should discuss this with your doctor. It is best that you take these medications with as little water as possible.

You should ask a friend or family member to accompany you to the surgery, if possible. There is a possibility that you might need assistance at some point or the other, especially with last minute paperwork. Do not wear any valuables because there is a chance that you might lose them. If you follow these tips before your shoulder surgery then you can be quite sure that all goes well with you.